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Family Owned and operated bison ranch, nestled down along the Niobrara River, only 8 miles away from the Niobrara State Park and 10 miles to South Dakota. Kreycik Family-owned ranch passed down 4 generations. Steve and Allison have been married since 2012, and working together side by side on the ranch before taking ownership in 2020 with their children Riley, Blake, and Gage. We strive to provide our bison the best quality of life as they return a healthy way of eating for our family and yours! Raising and processing our own Bison allows us to provide a NO-stress, NO-adrenaline, NO added-hormones, and wet aging (gut healthy) meat, by doing this process it creates a moist and tender product.   


Bison Steak
Bison on Niobrara River Front

Family Owned and Operated Bison Ranch on the Niobrara River in Nebraska.  

100% HomeGrown and Corn Fed Bison.  Products Include Select Cuts, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Jerky, Sticks, Summer Sausage and more... 

Bison is naturally flavorful and tender and can be used in any red-meat recipe. Bison meat is a nutrient-dense food because of the proportion of the protein, fat, mineral and fatty acids to its caloric value.

Since bison is lower in fat than other red meats, it is easier to overcook. Ground bison meat should be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 160 F. Steaks should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees F (medium rare) or 160 degrees F (medium). Roast will be done in about the same amount of time as a comparable sized beef roast. Use a Meat thermometer for best results. Expect a bison steak to cook one-third faster than a beef steak. Bison steaks are best when cooked rare to medium to maintain the moisture and flavor of the meat.

Fun Bison Facts

Bison Fun Facts
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